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My job is to make sure that everything you write is clear, concise, correct and typo free.

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About Me

We live in a world where the written word is paramount. We read for information and enjoyment, we write to communicate and entertain, every day. For all those words to have the greatest impact they must be in the correct order, spelt correctly and mean what we want them to mean, that's why the world needs people like me: proofreaders and copy editors.

My Mission

Accurate content and copy ensure that the image you portray is one of professionalism, precision, and perfection. Whether this is for a research paper, blog, social media post, promotional campaign, article, or novel, I can help you guarantee that the right impression is made.

Why I can help


A fully qualified, certified, chartered proofreader and copy editor, I can catch all the little mistakes that might otherwise slip through.


Your project is as important to me as it is to you. Every job is personalised to your requirements and needs.


A good eye for detail means I pride myself on being thorough and precise.


Time frames vary according to project size, but be assured that work is completed efficiently as well as meticulously.

My Services

Proofreading and copy editing for businesses, students, bloggers and writers.


For those with academic work, or who simply require their writing to be checked for grammar, punctuation, typos and other errors such as typesetting, spacing, and illustrations. This is not about changing the content or making it sound "better", it's about making sure that what you write makes sense, picking up on the errors that software does not always recognise and ensuring that house style is adhered to where applicable.

Copy editing

A more detailed process, this involves all of the above plus checking the flow and consistency. I can offer suggestions for ways to improve your content and help you make the most of your writing. This helps improve the effectiveness of your communication with readers and ensures that the impression you wish to make is fulfilled.

The Team

The Team at Central Proofreading

Annie Crozier

A mother and mediocre housewife, I spend most of my time reading; anything and everything. I have a Masters in Celtic Civilisation and Culture, have studied both Psychology and Law - in an attempt to avoid the dusting - and managed coffee shops in a previous life. I also work part-time as a medical secretary.

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